The film shows three quintessential Mother of Pearl girls, quirky, sporty, and one effortlessly luxe, moving through a mysterious vintage interior.

Finally they meet and unexpectedly launch into a performance of a funny synchronised dance, showing the spirit and charm of the brand.

The first part builds with a sense of ambiguity.

We don't know why they're there or if they know one another. Where are they? What are they doing? The tension climaxes in an uncanny, humorous and offbeat way.

The directors, Adam Clitheroe and Daryl Chase, used vintage anamorphic lenses to evoke the luxurious but subversive spirit of Mother of Pearl.

The look is intended to be a respectful merge of Elvis meets Blue Velvet, inspired by the saturated, vibrant pastels of vintage Hollywood musicals and classic Elvis movies.

The textures within the location conjure up the mystery and depth of David Lynch, which is juxtaposed withThomas Michael’s witty choreography.

Photographers such as William Eggleston and Gregory Crewdson also influenced the final look.


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