Autumn Winter 2017

Reacting against the industrial revolution and urban expansion, Romantic writers, artists and composers created work transfixed with the intense emotion that transpires in awe of the sublime beauty of nature. With these ideals of the natural world anchoring her approach to the Mother of Pearl AW17 collection, Amy Powney looked further back in art history, moved by the transcendent use of darkness and light in the paintings of Caravaggio, her favourite artist.

Powney began to use her art historical references amplifying large botanic images in fiery colours printing them on inky, heavy silk satins, seemingly setting the ora alight. The play with colour and light continues with golden metallics set amongst deep black velvets and heavy jacquards. In true Mother of Pearl style, Powney o sets these Romantic references with the humour exhibited in Larry Sultan’s Pictures from Home (1992).

Whilst simultaneously designing the AW17 collection and renovating her East London home, Powney discovered references from both projects entwining. Padded cushions have evolved into functioning bags and quilted bedspreads are restructured into crepe-de-chine outerwear. At home and at work, Powney channeled Larry Sultan’s exhibit of the iconic Palm Springs décor- palette, bubblegum pink and pea green, scattering it throughout her designs.

To off set the femininity evoked through the prints and fabrications, Powney took silhouettes from Victorian menswear developing suiting, coats and ruffled detailing; looking back to the Romantics of the 1800s with a nod to The Blitz Club on the way. Just as the Romantics celebrated liberalism and radicalism, this AW17 collection develops the contemporary individualism of the Mother of Pearl woman, bolstering splendour and luxe with the sporty DNA of the brand through relaxed forms and tracksuit co- ordinates, along with Mother of Pearl’s ever-present sense of humour.

Look 1
Evelyn jacquard jacket
Louie jacquard flare trouser
Jude bag with pearl handle
Clara jacquard boots
Look 2
Gena jacquard dress
Look 3
Effie tinsel jumper
Jarah jacquard jumpsuit in black
Look 4
Gena velvet dress in black
Drew tinsel bag with pearl handle
Winston bag with pearl handle
Alda tinsel sandal in black
Look 5
Bennett coat in black
Bennie trouser in black
Jude bag with pearl handle
Look 6
Senna striped blouse in navy
Lottie striped trouser in navy
Reo bag in navy
Look 7
Jada striped dress in navy
Alda tinsel sandal
Look 8
Aubrey denim jacket in ink
Elza denim trouser in ink
Dahlia denim sandal in ink
Look 9
Josephine denim jumpsuit in ink
Dahlia denim sandal in ink
Look 10
Jesse chenille coat in ink
Owen jogger in navy
Thea velvet pump
Look 11
Alden sweatshirt in navy
Thea velvet pump
Look 12
Bexley coat in navy
Dahlia sandal in black
Look 13
Deon coat in navy houndstooth
Lottie trouser in navy houndstooth
Look 14
Reese dress in ivory
Look 15
Jarah jacquard jumpsuit in ivory
Look 16
Bennett coat in ivory
Bennie trouser in ivory
Look 17
Donnie jumpsuit in Elderberry Floral print
Pearly Queen brown scarf
Look 18
Joel biker in Elderberry Floral print
Elza trouser in Elderberry Floral print
Look 19
Nola jumper in khaki
Lottie velvet trouser in khaki
Look 20
Maudi cardigan in khaki
Daphne trouser in khaki
Fletcher trainer in white
Look 21
Webb coat in khaki
Senna blouse in Amber Tulip print
Lina trouser in Amber Tulip print
Look 22
Elodie dress in Amber Tulip print
Reo bag in mustard
Look 23
Max tweed hoodie in white
Senna blouse in Amber Tulip print
Lottie trouser in Amber Tulip print
Look 24
Webb coat in maroon check
Inga jumper in off white
Look 25
Maisie dress in Chrysanthemum print
Pearly Queen scarf in brown
Look 26
Vaughin coat in Chrysanthemum print
Look 27
Deon coat in red check
Reo bag in pink
Look 28
Senna striped blouse in red
Lottie striped trouser in red
Look 29
Inga jumper in pink
Fletcher trainer in white
Look 30
Polly tweed dress in pink
Arlo tweed jogger in pink
Reo bag in pink
Fletcher trainer in white
Look 31
Wanda dress in Zebra Baroque print
Look 32
Warren coat in Zebra Baroque print

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